much like the Japanese concept of kintsugi, where fractures are cherished by filling them with gold, vo-id embodies a similar message. even though it cries because of our disposable consumer culture, in which a break is seen as a negative event that turns an object into waste and then leads to its replacement, vo-id challenges us to shift our perspective. the vase is broken, and forthis reason we can focus both on its outer and inner body. the black tear accentuates its point of fracture, that also hints at the position of a flower stem.


ken-dull is an ambient lamp that has two very different faces: when turned off, is sculptural, it doesn’t even suggest that it is a lamp, but when illuminated, it provides a sweet and calm atmosphere, surprising us that light can find its way through a black surface. the light is minimal and soft. the structure consists of a solid spherical base and a light bulb that, in a surrealistic way, melts like a wax candle.


fo-kuhs is a desk lamp, composed of two very simple elements coming from construction waste materials. it is, indeed, a humble and elegant social disapproval of how much we pollute our planet. its aesthetics are minimalist and efficient: the concrete cylinder offers essential stability, while the upper cylinder is inclined at a precise 60-degree angle, directing the spotlight exclusively onto our writing or reading materials, ensuring our focus remains undistracted.


UHRth is a floor lamp with an extremely simple design. to build it, only a few elements were needed: a thick tile to which a thick section of a pipe is fixed, it accommodates a second section of a narrower pipe – the lamp’s slender body.
the light switch is hidden, between the base and the wider tube. the light is turned on bypushing down the lamp’s main body, which presses the button andactivates the LEDs inside the tube. the light isextremely soft and almost invisible


jen/tuhl consists of two individual armchairs which, while capable of existing
independently, coexist harmoniously when brought together. Designed for meditation, these chairs not only add character to your interior, but also encourage individuals to sit and focus their attention on inner tranquility or their quest for inner tranquility. The armchair is carefully designed with a discreet groove, bringing a pleasant touch to your relaxation. This unique feature allows you to improve your experience